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Welcome to Acorn Construction

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We at ACORN find inspiration in nature

…thus the symbolic oak tree baring its unique fruit, lending character, shade, structure, patience and change to its environment.

We invest in young talent and treasure the knowledge of age. Our site operations are almost always a combination of dynamic youth leadership and a steadfast experience base. Our development programme is stretched beyond the boundaries of training to also include mentorship for individuals from previously disadvantage backgrounds. All in reaching our goal to provide in the economy and invest in our town, province and country.

ACORN as the metaphor from which its trading name is created grew spontaneously out of a vast pool of experienced persons from different backgrounds and trades all with one passion in common; to rejuvenate a dynamic energy in a segment of the construction industry known for its lack in: skills, funding, quality and timeously.  To create a well manage construction firm that sets itself apart by first and foremost delivering the highest quality projects, taking utmost care of the budgetary goals and being socially and financially responsible with its suppliers, sub-contractors, personnel and social development.

These goals are managed from our dedicated and custom made office space where site management, planning, marketing and financial care are combined into a formidable and positive environment.